“Peoplebiz Limited organised and ran a number of short 1 days conferences and workshops at Wilsden Village Hall in 2021. As part of these events I used the newly decorated meeting room, main hall and the kitchen. The main reason for using this venue was natural light, facilities, size, parking and cost. It did not fail on any of these aspects. In the meeting room there was a projector in the ceiling, a great sound systems along with 2 flip chart stands. It was well ventilated as was the rest of the building.  The team were very helpful and they organised round tables for my events, great beverage facilities and the flexibility to have the whole venue. I would definitely use the Village Hall again and recommend it without doubt.”

Jane Turtle

PeopleBiz Ltd

“At In Home Wills, we pride ourselves in bringing our services to the heart of the community and Wilsden Village Hall enabled us to do this with style. We hired a spacious, light and airy, meeting room and had access to all the facilities we required including the kitchen for refreshments. It was the perfect accessible venue in the centre of the village and proved very successful for our business. We will be looking to book again later in the year.”

In Home Wills

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