COVID-19 Guidelines

WVH Covid 19 Precautions / Hall Usage Process

  • We now encourage you and your members (where possible) to use the new NHS track and trace QR bar code or sign in both are GDPR compliant. You are then required to keep a register, Including telephone numbers or email addresses of people who attend your class, and keep it for 28 days, after which you should destroy it.
  • To help maintain social distancing people will need to keep to the left when moving about the building.
  • Masks must be worn at all times whilst moving about/ in the building.
  • Other than when undertaking a physical activity, such as dancing and/or when eating and drinking.
  • We have introduced a one way system which people will need to follow once they have entered the building. People will be required to us one entry point (our entrance near the Library and alternative exit point, (the one opposite the notice board)
  • Parents are not allowed to wait inside the building to collect or drop off children, in order to avoid groups gathering pick up and drop off times should be staggered.
  • Chairs, should not be placed in the corridors. If class members /users /guests wish to sit on the chairs around the sides of the room in use they should sit 2m apart ( 4 chairs = 2m)
  • Stairways, people coming up have priority, those waiting to go down should stand back 2m at the top of the stairs to allow people to pass safely.
  • We have provided hand gel dispensers which people will be required to us on entry and on leaving the building.
  • To avoid pinch points (and help maintain social distancing) particularly at the entrance and exit points you will need to stagger the time people arrive and leave.
  • Toilets; we have implemented a one in one out system and have installed new latches on the main doors of the toilets so people can lock them. We have provided hand gel dispensers by each toilet door. People should use the gel before entering and take antibacterial wipes in with them to wipe down any surfaces they need to touch. These should be placed in the bins provided.
  • You will be expected to wipe down any surfaces you or any of your class/members/ guest come in to contact with prior to leaving (chairs, light switches, door handles, tables etc).
  • Ensure people maintain the appropriate level of social distancing at all times (2m)
  • Ensure any music is kept to a reasonable level so as to avoid people shouting. 85 decibels. Measured at the point of the speaker. Free apps for your phones are available to download.
  • Exercise should be carried out at a steady/slower pace so as to avoid people exhaling excessively.

Please ensure your class/ members/ guests are made aware of these precautions.

These Covid 19 requirements may change (at short notice) as Government restrictions change.

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