Words of support for the village hall and the 40 Candles Birthday Appeal, which aims to raise £20,000 to refurbish the hall for its 40th birthday in 2016.

“Wilsden Village Hall plays a vital role in the local community, hosting many events in the village which otherwise would not take place. I congratulate the Village Hall Committee on celebrating the hall’s 40th anniversary and hope everyone will get behind the 40 Candles Birthday Appeal to ensure the village hall gets the investment it needs to serve the community for the next 40 years. I have joined the 100 club and I hope many others will do the same.” Philip Davies MP (Member of Parliament, Shipley Constituency)

“Having a fantastic venue like the village hall really added to my experience of growing up in Wilsden (although I probably took it for granted at the time!). That’s why I chose to become a hall trustee, to help secure its future for the next generation. Nowadays we have more than 30 groups, and footfall from hundreds of Wilsdeners, in the hall every week. It is genuinely the heart of the village and its loss would tear a massive hole in the fabric of our community. I’d like to urge everyone in the village, for whom the hall is held in trust, to get behind the 40 Candles Birthday Appeal to help make the hall better for all its users, and to secure its survival.” Lisa Firth (Wilsden Village Hall Management Committee)

“Wilsden Gala 2015 was just a day short of an important village anniversary. It was on July 6th 1975 that the foundation stone of Wilsden Village Hall was laid, not by the representative of any organisation but by the people of Wilsden, in the persons of Fred Varley, chosen by the Senior Citizens, and Denise Pollard and David Drake, chosen by Wilsden First School – OUR village hall right from the start.

“When the newly formed Wilsden Village Society (1970) carried out a survey of what local people wanted, a community centre headed the list. That is what led the Village Society to set up a Village Hall Committee to bring it about. Raising the money needed to make us eligible to apply for various grants dominated many people’s free time for the next four or five years. ‘Nearly New’ shops, Aire Faires, sponsored walks, 200 clubs, teddy bear stalls – all felt worth while when Wilsden Village Hall was opened on June 19th 1976.

“The 30 plus groups regularly using the hall show what a great asset it has been. That amount of use brings its own challenges of wear and tear, so it is a brilliant idea to raise a 40th birthday present for the hall to keep it as one of the best venues for miles around.” Astrid Hansen (formerly of the now defunct Wilsden Village Society, the driving force behind building the hall)

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